Saturday, 28 November 2009

Street Addresses and Miracles!

I had the privilege of speaking at a women's conference in Northampton on Friday night at Kingdom Life Church. I had such a lot of fun! As I was spending time with God the evening before I felt like He gave me some words of knowledge for the event. I love it when God speaks!

During the day on the Thursday at TSM I'd been teaching on how to grow in the prophetic and had talked about the importance of stepping out and taking risks. I love the fact (most of the time!) that when you teach on stuff you often then have to model what you've taught. One of the words of knowledge I felt that God gave me was a street address; 42 Victoria ___?___ (I couldn't decide if it was road or drive - neither really felt right) When I told a good friend of mine he suggested that I start the evening at the women's conference by bringing this word. My immediate reaction - FEAR! So I decided it would be a good thing to do!

So I brought the word and was totally blown away when a lady responded who lived in Victoria Gardens! She didn't live at number 42 but somehow that really didn't matter anymore. I got to prophesy over her about being royalty and having influence and she was moved to tears as God spoke into her situation. Wow!

I brought a couple of other words at the end of my talk. One about a frozen right shoulder which had restricted movement. A lady in the front row responded and I called a 13 year old girl to pray for her (I'd already prophesied over the girl about being used by God in a mighty way) After two bursts of prayer the shoulder was completely healed with full restoration of movement and no pain!

The other word of knowledge God gave me in the worship and was to do with someone who didn't have the ability to smell. To my surprise 3 woman responded. Later I heard that one of the women was also unable to taste but she had come to the meeting expectant of her healing armed with a bag of cola bottle sweets to test it out after prayer. Sure enough after she was prayed for and stuffed the cola bottle sweets into her mouth with excitement she discovered that she was completely healed! Yay God!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

'That Doesn't Happen?!'

A friend of mine has been ill with a bad heart for a long time. He's had one operation already which didn't work and is due a second in a weeks time. Unfortunately when he went to the hospital recently to have a check up, a blood test revealed that his blood levels were dangerously high at 7.8 (basically what this meant was that his blood's ability to clot was virtually non-existent - not a good situation to be in when you're due to have an operation)

When he came to small group on Tuesday night (the day after this blood test was taken) he told us that if his blood levels didn't improve dramatically he wouldn't be able to have the surgery that he so desperately wanted. He's been living with a poor quality of life for a while now - not being able to walk anywhere without having pain in his chest and taking ages to walk short distances due to shortage of breath. The last thing he wanted was for this operation to be postponed. So we prayed!

Apparently there's an ideal level for blood clotting and therefore having an operation. We didn't know what it was but knew that God did (since He created it!) So we commanded my friend's blood levels to reduce immediately to the level they needed to be. We knew he was heading back to the hospital the next day for a further check up - we were looking for an instant breakthrough.

So, I got a text earlier today. My friend had gone to the hospital and the consultant had given him another blood test to check his blood levels. When the result came back the consultant was totally blown away. The blood levels had gone down to 2.6 within 24 hours of the first blood test result. The consultants response, 'this doesn't happen!' As it turns out my friend also found out the ideal level for blood clotting and therefore having an guessed it; 2.6! God had not only lowered my friend's blood levels, He had lowered them to exactly the right count! My friend is now miraculously all set for his operation next week. COME ON!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Is your name Janet?

One of our TSM students was on her second ever treasure hunt last week and had the most incredible encounter. Listen to her story here.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Accurate Words of Knowledge

One of the things God promised me through a prophetic word in the Summer of 2005 was accuarate words of knowledge - names; streets addresses;dates. For many years now I have been stepping out in bringing words of knowledge at church on a Sunday and I've seen a fair amount of accuracy, but to be honest I feel like I've been a little bit slack with my gift. I've often settled for the minimum amount of information without asking God for more details. Last night I feel like I went to a new level.

I went to Stamford with some friends of mine to minister to a church there. In the prayer time before the meeting I felt God give me 5 words of knowledge, 2 of which were pretty specific. As it got towards the end of the night I got to share what I felt God had given me. Here's what God did:

1) Someone in serious debt - Had the amount £30,000: An older couple responded and we got to pray for them for financial provision from God. I think this time I got the amount wrong, but God brought encouragement and grace to this precious couple who were counting the cost of supporting a troubled son.
2) Someone who used to do ballet who now suffered with bad ankles: No-one responded to the ballet part but we did get to pray for a lady with bad ankles
3) Someone who had only 40% lung efficiency: No-one responded to this at the time, but as we were praying for people later on a girl was 'dragged' over by her boyfriend. She used to be a dancer but has a condition that's basically eating away at all her muscles. The most recent part of her body to be affected were her lungs.
4) Someone who was feeling fearful about their womb area: A young mum reponded saying she'd been ill at the weekend and the doctors thought she may have a cyst on one of her ovaries. She was fearful it would affect her ability to have more children. We got to command healing to her womb and ovaries - she has further tests on Monday.
5) Someone for whom March 2007 was a really tough and painful time: A lady responded saying that March 2007 was the time that her marriage started to break down - her husband has recently filed for a divorce. We got to minister God's love and peace to her.

When I met with PJ (an Elder in our church) a few months ago, one of the challenges he set me was to fail miserably at least three times when bringing words of knowledge from the front of church. In other words, to really go out on a limb with specifics. The fun thing is that I have absolutely nothing to lose because my identity is secure in Jesus. What risks are you taking?

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pain went from 9.5 to 0!

Our most significant encounter during our first TSM treasure hunt happened towards the end of our time on the streets - several clues came together which led to a lady getting healed! Here's what happened:

For a while now I've felt stirred to pray for people I see around the town on crutches. As we were going treasure hunting I thought I might as well put crutches on my map and I felt God specifically talk to me about a knee injury. As we were nearing the end of our hunt we spotted a lady walking on crutches wearing a red coat. She stopped to chat to a friend by a wall and so we decided we'd go over and chat to her.

As we explained what we were doing, the lady on the crutches seemed very open and interested. It turns out that she'd already been stopped by another one of our teams who had already prayed for her. As we were going through other clues on our maps she told us that she knew we were from the King's Arms. I hadn't recognised her, but it turned out that she was the lady from Russell Park Baptist who had come along to the King's Arms a few months ago to share how God had healed her of near blindness (listen to her story here)

Ann was on crutches because she'd broken some bones in her foot and they weren't healing properly - her friend owned up to having the bad knees! She'd been on her feet all day and was in a lot of pain. As we looked more closely we could see that she wasn't putting any weight on her left leg. We proceeded to pray for healing for both ladies. (What was also fun was that I had the name William on my map. We found out that Ann's boyfriend is called William and her friend had been caring that very morning at work for two men, both called William!)

So we prayed - short and simple prayers. Ann's friend said she felt something shoot through her knee. As we encouraged her to move it she said the pain had reduced from 9.5 to 2. As we prayed again, the pain completely disappeared! Come on Jesus! Meanwhile Ann felt a vibration in her foot after prayer - we're waiting to hear what God has done there. Ann's friend; a pre-Christian (this is how Bethel refer to unbelievers and I love it!) was understandably totally blown away. We were able to tell her that God had picked her out and healed her because she was incredibly precious to Him. She was visibly moved. God is so good!

(Since this encounter, at the ladies day I was involved with in Chelmsford, I've prayed for two more women with knee problems and both have been healed. If you're reading this and you need healing in your knees...recieve it now in Jesus' name!)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

God Bless The Body Shop!

We did our first session 'on the streets' at TSM on Thursday - the first of many! God was incredibly faithful as always. Here is one of our encounters:

I had the clues Body Shop and Pain in Stomach. As we stood outside the Body Shop in town deciding who it was we should speak to, we noticed that all three Body Shop employees were standing together in the shop chatting - there we no customers and so we decided to see if they were the treasure.

We explained what we were doing and started going through the clues on our maps - the women were very open to chat. I got to my pain in stomach clue and one of the employees swiftly raised her hand to indicate that was her. As it turns out, she'd been to the hospital that very morning to have a blood test to see why she was having pain in her stomach...WOW!

We offered to pray - after a moments thought, she said no and we didn't push it - I'd love to know what goes on in people's heads when God picks them out in such a specific way! As we were leaving we asked them about how business was. They said it wasn't good and so we told them as we left we would pray for God's favour on the Body Shop. They seemed very grateful and blessed by the time we spent with them. We were really aware of God's presence in the shop as we spoke. Here's to business at the Body Shop being turned around to the glory of God! I intend to go back often to pray for blessing...feel free to join me!