Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Hand Went Hot!

I really want to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. There have been many times over the past few weeks during worship at TSM that I've had no clue where to take things. God has been very present and speaking - He always is - and I have had to try and make a call as to whether we keep going or stop or pray or just be silent etc. It's a great learning curve! Most of the time in these situations we have simply decided to remain in God's presence and just 'be'. After all, His presence is what we long for.

Being sensitive to God's presence in the middle of a worship time is one thing, but being sensitive to the Holy Spirit out on the streets feels entirely different (although I'm wondering as I write this if it has to be that way?) I've been trying to be more intentional about praying for the sick as I'm out and about in town. Praying for the sick in team (during treasure hunts) is one thing, but if I want to be naturally supernatural I'm going to have to be able to step out as I'm hanging out in Costa, or doing my food shopping; as I'm living my life day to day. So I have an agreement with God. During the month of October I will do my best to offer to pray for anyone I see on crutches when I'm out and about. There have been no shortage of opportunities!

So today a lady walked out of a shop infront of me on crutches. I was tired and heading home and had decided to take God's grace in this situation and not pray. But as I slowed down to say to God that if she turned to walk the same way as me I'd stop, she followed me - so I stopped to speak to her. She was a very friendly lady, originally from Argentina, who was recovering from a knee operation. As we were chatting, all of a sudden, my right hand got really hot! I've heard of others experiencing heat in their hand as a sign of God wanting to heal, but I'd never been so aware of it in me before. God was with me!

She was really happy for me to pray and so I did - twice. She said that she felt heat in her knee as I put my hand on it and that her knee felt a bit better after I'd prayed. As I walked away from her what felt most exciting to me was that I had been aware of God with me and had responded to His promptings. It feels like a step up in my ability to be sensitive to His presence when I'm out and about. Here's to much more!

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