Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Growing in the Prophetic

A car load of us from the King's Arms took a road trip to Revelation Church London on Saturday night to spend the evening with a prophetic team from their church. Our brief; come and share stories, prophesy and impart all God has given you, so that's what we did.

It was so much fun being 'on the road' with such amazing friends. John, Mike, Phil, Philbe and I have the privilege of being part of a prophetic team at the King's Arms - There's never a dull moment when we get together to seek God. This time was no exception!

It started in the car when Phil saw an angel running in front of us, preparing the way as we drove into London. The angel was carrying what was like a nuclear bomb and God's promise to us was that we would deposit something really significant with our friends at Revelation church in terms of the prophetic and the heart of God.

The highlight of the evening for me (apart from stopping off at Costa on our way home at 12.30 in the morning :o)) Was when I shared a word of knowledge I'd had where someone was practising putting a golf ball (Random!?) I'd seen a young boy practising, and his dad behind him holding his hands to guide his putt. As I shared the picture, one of the guys in the room told us that he practises putting in his back garden. As we began to pray for him it became apparent that God wanted to speak to him.

God wanted this precious son of his to know that He is incredibly patient and gentle with him. God had shown me and John that this chaps earthly father thad been just the opposite; impatient and violent. Now God was breaking in to speak healing and hope. I also felt I saw the Muslim world over this man. After Phil shared about seeing foreign lands over him, I shared what I'd seen. As it turns out, this guy and his wife are called to Iraq! (What was really fun was that 1 minute before he shared this with us, Phil had turned to me and said that he felt God had told him this guy was called to Iraq!) I love it when we hear God!

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