Monday, 14 September 2009

No Crutches Necessary!

We ran another 'Hit the Streets' event on Saturday. This is a day dedicated to treasure hunting - asking God for clues as to who He wants us to speak to in the town and then going off in teams to try and find our treasure (the people God wants to bless)

We've seen amazing breakthroughs in the past and this time was no exception (God is always faithful right!) Nine people were healed over the course of the day and countless other incredible encounters took place as we got to communicate the love of God to the people He led us to. One encounter stands out to me - it totally felt like a step up in terms of miracles I've seen.

We were coming to the end of our first hour on the streets when I spotted a guy leaning against a wall with crutches. He clearly had a damaged knee and two of us on the team had bad knee on our maps. I also had crutches. A fews months ago I remember having a vivid picture from God of me grabbing crutches and breaking them over my knee. Since then I've had a particular passion to 'target' people on crutches to see them healed. Here was another opportunity.

So we approached the guy and explained what we were doing and we asked him if we could pray. He told us that his parents and grandparents were heavily involved in church and so he was up for it. After the first time of praying there was slight improvement but he still felt pain as he tried to bend his leg (he really couldn't move it very much at all - he told us that he'd had 3 football injuries on his knee and that he'd also been hit by a car. His knee was in a bad way!) So we prayed a second time and that's when it happend.

As he tried to move his knee this time it kept on bending and bending until his lower leg was at right angles with his thigh! When I asked him what had happened he just kept on repeating, 'that is impressive, that is impressive.' His knee had been completely healed in an instant and as he started to walk around without his crutches he told us that he felt no pain at all. He could even stand with all of his weight on his 'injured' leg! Wow! God had broken in in an incredible way and this treasure was gobsmaked! Our God really is impressive!


Al Shaw said...

This is good news.

Keep doing it.

Matthew Davies said...

He just loves to heal! :-D