Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Naturally Supernatural?

The Monday after our Hit the Streets day - when I'd seen the guys knee healed who was on crutches (still blows me away when I think about it!) I was out for a run. Well, it was more of a walk/jog to be honest. I've started this programme with a friend of mine called 'couch to 5K' in an attempt to get a bit fitter. It was the start of our second week and I was running alone as my friend had gone on holiday to Center Parcs.

This weeks breakdown of jogs/walks was proving rather challenging but thankfully I was nearing the end of my 20 minutes running (!) round my local park. Then I saw him! (Our eyes didn't meet accross a crowded room - time didn't seem to stand still - it wasn't love at first sight - that's an entirely different dream!) I saw a guy walking very slowly towards me on crutches and he clearly had a very bad knee!

My thought process as I continued to run towards him:
'I saw someone healed of a bad knee on crutches just two days ago'
'This surely is a God thing - it can't just be coincidence'
'There's hardly anyone around, it would be easy to stop him and offer to pray'
'But I haven't finished my specified time of running - if I stop now I'll be out of sync'
'Plus he's wearing head phones - he won't hear me'
'But surely I can't just run right past him - he might get healed - I've just seen it happen for goodness sake!'

Then...I ran right past him to finish off my 20 minute programme!

But, as I ran and then walked to cool down I couldn't settle with my decision to do nothing. God reminded me of the stuff He'd been teaching me recently about being ok with being inconvenienced and I knew the guy wouldn't have got far, so I ran back to the park to find him.

I caught up with him, he took his head phones out and I explained what I'd seen God do on the Saturday. He clearly didn't know what to think of it all and even when I said that He had nothing to lose in letting me pray he very graciously refused and went, very slowly, on his way. One of the key reasons I do treasure hunting in teams is to get me to a place of having enough courage to offer to pray for people when I'm out on my own in my everyday life. To help me become naturally supernatural. Feels like I'm finally getting there!

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Matthew Davies said...

Good job Wendy! Keep going for it.