Monday, 7 September 2009

Knee injury healed after 14 years!

My good friend Sarah shared at church yesterday about how, last month, God healed a knee injury she'd suffered with for 14 years!

14 years ago she injured her right knee. She can't remember how she did it, but she remembers having to wear a knee brace and that she would often experience pain in her knee which stopped her being able to exercise. She'd lived with the pain from then until about a month ago.

It was during a Sunday service and I had brought a word of knowledge about someone with pain in their right knee that gets aggrivated because of their job because they have to kneel down a lot. Sarah responded because she is a full time mom (spelling for Sarah's benefit - she's American!) and she's constantly kneeling to look after her son which makes the pain worse. Sarah had also recently started running which wasn't helping.

So, we prayed and to be honest, initially, absolutely nothing happened. Then God gave Sarah a memory about how when she first injured her knee she got a sense of value and security from the fact that she was injured; from the attention she got from people around her. Her injury made her feel special. As Sarah repented for finding security in being ill and we prayed a second time, God broke in. Since that point Sarah hasn't experienced any more pain in her knee, even though she's running 3 times a week and still constantly kneeling down to look after Sam! God is so good!

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