Monday, 28 September 2009

Elbow and Shoulder healed!

The guy who opens up Dame Alice (where King's Arms meets) for us week in week out is called Mohammed. He's a very quiet and gentle chap and is incredibly helpful. He'll often start getting tables etc set up for us before we arrive at 9am.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Rory arrived at church and noticed that the table Mohammed would normally set up hadn't been done even though he was sitting on a chair waiting for us in the foyer. As Rory joked with Mohammed about why the table hadn't been done, he noticed that Mohammed was wearing a bandage on his elbow. When he asked him what he'd done, Mohammed said he'd injured his shoulder and elbow and that he was in pain (hence no table!)

Rory - buzzing from the Hit the Streets event the day before where he'd seen about 3 people healed, offered to pray for Muhammed for healing. Muhammed agreed! After about 4 times of praying and seeing the pain reduce and the movement get better there was one place of pain in his shoulder that still wouldn't shift. Rory turned to me and asked if I wouldn't mind coming over to finish off the job! (No pressure) So we prayed again and then once more, and after 2 more times of praying Muhammed was completely healed!

What was really fun was when Rory asked Muhammed to come into the hall during the evening service to show everyone what God had done. Our Muslim friend took great delight in raising his healed arm (elbow and shoulder) above his head. The smile on his face as the whole church wooped and cheered was priceless!

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