Monday, 10 August 2009

Neighbours, Knees and Incredible God-incidences!

A few weeks ago as I was spending time with God in my room, He spoke to me about the ladies who live opposite. I felt Him say that one of them had a bad right knee and that I was to offer to pray for it. Since then I've been hoping that we never coincide being outside the front of our houses at the same time (hello fear!) But, when I got back from Meri's farewell party on Sunday afternoon both of them were standing on the street.

So, obediently I went into my house and wrestled with God for a good 5 minutes about why I shouldn't go and speak to them. Fortunately God won and so armed with a glass of water for security purposes (?!?) I ventured into my next God adventure.

I told them that I was a Chrsitian and what I felt God had said to me. As I asked if either of them had a bad knee to my surprise both of them said yes! One had a bad right knee and one had a bad left knee. Suffering from a bit of shock at this point one of the ladies began to tell me that she cuts the hair of a guy who leads a church in the town. The conversation went a bit like this:

Lady: 'I cut the hair of a guy in the town who leads a church. He wears glasses.'
Me: (Thought process) Simon Holley wears glasses - it won't be him!
Lady: What's his name....Steve? No that's not right'
Me: (Thought process) His name begins with an 'S' - could it be Simon?
Me: 'It's not Simon Holley is it?'
Lady: 'Yes that's it - Simon Holley.'
Me: 'That's the guy who leads my church - He's my boss!'
Lady: 'I've cut his hair for the past 13 years!'
(cries of shock and disbelief all round)

It also turned out that the other lady knew of the Nightshelter and works with a lady from the King's Arms. God was making it really clear that He was picking these ladies out. They went on to tell me that even yesterday they'd been watching something about religion on TV and commented to each other that they expected at somepoint that they would turn to God!

So with the ladies slightly bewildered I prayed for the left knee pain. During the second time of praying the lady felt heat in her knee and when she had a go at walking afterwards she said that it definitely felt a lot better. After chatting about my views on different religions for a bit and how I became a Christian, I ran out of time to pray for the other lady - seeing as they're not going anywhere soon I guess I'll get an opportunity soon enough.

Who'd have thought that walking through a bit of fear would open up such an incredible encounter. I wonder what God has in store for them next?


Katie Roth said...

Way to go Wendy! Wish I could spend a bit of time around you!

Lois Lawn said...

WOW! You've inspired me to ask God for words of knowledge for our neighbours. We've got drug dealers, users and prostitutes on our street...

You're an inspirational woman of God Wendy!

Lois Lawn