Monday, 31 August 2009

God loves little Children

I was at Shuttleworth this weekend - our regional weekend away. I decided not to camp out under canvas; instead I drove home and back every day (a very sensible thing to do I thought!) On the Saturday morning as I was arriving at the King's Arms site, a couple I know from another church walked past pushing their son in a push chair. The husband asked me and my friend Mike if we were up for praying for someone for healing.

To be totally honest my initial internal response wasn't very Christ-like! I'd just arrived at the camp site and was actually more interested in getting some breakfast down me - Did we have to do it right now? But when Mike asked who needed prayer and they turned the push chair towards us to show us their son, I immediately felt compassion rise up inside. This precious little boy of about 18 months had burnt himself very badly on his forehead. There was a large, raised burn on his head and he was clearly in pain and distressed. His parents were on their way to take him to the nearest hospital.

So Mike and I bent down next to Peter and prayed our best prayers. We asked that the God of heaven would come and comfort this little boy and we commanded all pain to go and the skin to be made as good as new. My friends then left for the hospital.

About 4 hours later I walked past their campsite and spotted them, so I went to see how things had gone. She explained that once they'd left us after we'd prayed, Peter stopped crying. It was as if the pain had completely gone. Even when the doctor was cleaning the wound at the hospital there were no tears (which the doctor was totally amazed at as he said it should be very painful!) Then she picked Peter up (who was happily running around) to show me his head. Although the skin wasn't yet as good as new, the burn looked so much better.

What an amazing God we serve - A God who breaks in to heal and restore little children (in spite of the poor attitude of one of the prayers!)

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Matthew Davies said...

We want more! Go God! :-D