Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Girl in the Wheelchair

I went to visit our King's Arms peeps at Newday on Thursday. This is the first year since Newday started that I haven't been along to the whole thing (It's the first year since Newday started that I haven't been the youth leader) I have to admit - it was very nice not to have any responsibility for anyone. I had been asked to come on the Thursday to share some treasure hunting stories in a seminar about the prophetic. It was really fun to be able to be part of the Newday adventure if only for one day.

So anyway, the girl in the wheelchair... I'd spent some time with God on the Wednesday evening asking him for words of knowledge about who He wanted to bless in the seminar I was going to share in. I'd had a picture of a lady in a wheelchair with weak ankles and a weak back and I'd pictured myself praying for her - her ankles getting strong and then as she stood up her back being strengthened too. I felt pretty chilled about the whole thing because as far as I could remember I'd never seen anyone at Newday in a wheelchair before. I thought I was safe!

About 2 hours after I arrived, as the worship was kicking off in the main tent, my friend and I spotted a girl being taken to the big top in a wheelchair. We hesitated for a few seconds as to whether or not to catch her up (we were on our way to the toilets!) but decided this was too important an opportunity to miss, so we went and offered to pray.

It turned out that this girl was suffering from ME which made her body very weak. She had weak ankles and a weak back and was in pain a lot of the time. We prayed for her and commanded the ME to go in Jesus' name. We prayed for her ankles to be strong and then encouraged her to stand up (like I'd seen in the picture). After a while of praying she needed to sit down again because of feeling tired. She then went on to explain that she also suffers with depression.

As we prayed against the depression (sharing with her about the people we've seen set free from that condition in our church) she began to giggle in the spirit. Something shifted in her and lightness came in place of the heaviness. I prayed that she would be able to dance and have lots of fun in God's presence. As she continued to giggle, she told us she felt God tell her she should go and dance in worship. So leaving her wheelchair on the grass outside the big top she walked into the tent and did just that!

I don't think she was totally healed this time but God definitely broke in and His Kingdom once again displaced the enemy's schemes. It felt like a significant step for Anna and I in our journey of walking through fear when it comes to wheelchairs and it was a great encouragement to me that I had heard from God. What an amazing adventure we're on!


Helena said...

simply awesome! Thanks for sharing - it's very encouraging :-)

John said...

sweeet! God is so gooood!!

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