Tuesday, 14 July 2009

We are Royalty

God has been speaking to me a lot over the past few months about who I am in Him. As Christians we often wrongly believe that in order to be humble we have to put ourselves down. That in order to fully glorify Jesus we somehow have to become less and less so that He can become more and more. Here's what I think...It doesn't glorify Jesus when we shrink back and put ourselves down. What glorifies Jesus is people in His church getting to grips with the truth of who He says they are and then out of that place, the church releasing God's Kingdom wherever they go. Seeing the kingdom of darkness displaced by the far superior Kingdom of light!

Doesn't it make you arrogant when you get to grips with who God says you are? Doesn't it take the focus off of Jesus? Here's what I've found... The more I understand who God has made me to be, the more I am stirred to fix my eyes on the one who makes it all possible. The only reason I am royalty is because I have recieved God's mercy. I don't deserve it and I can't earn it, but it is who I am because Jesus has made a way. Recognising this makes me so much more full of praise and adoration for the God who has shown me incredible grace. He truely is breathtaking and becasue of the price He paid for me, I want to become all that I am in Him and live a life worthy of the calling I've recieved.

I got to preach on Sunday on the topic of 'we are royalty' sharing some revelation I felt God show me over the past few weeks. You can download it here. Let me know what you think!

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Andy Topham said...

So true, I have been trying to deal with some of these things myself.