Saturday, 18 July 2009

She walked in off the Street!

We had a King's Arms leaders meeting on Tuesday. I love it when all the church leaders get together; not least because we always kick the evening off with a Chinese take away! But much more than that, there's always such a huge sense of expectation that God is going to break in and do some wonderful things. This week was no exception!

We started the evening by Simon sharing some e-mails that he'd recieved from people who'd been impacted at our Heaven Touches Earth conference and also the recent Brighton Leaders conference where we did fire tunnels at the end of his seminar. It was so encouraging to hear how God had broken in. There were 2 or 3 testimonies of people who'd been miraculously healed as they walked through the fire tunnel and other testimonies of how God had brought deep healing to people's hearts. He really is so good!

Then Simon asked us to share with people around us our personal highlights from the year so far! It was so difficult to pick just a few things...God has blessed us so abundantly this year. Off the back of these highlights we then went into worship and God came!

After we'd worshipped for a while we spent some time praying and prophesying over each other. As I turned to see who God would direct me to pray for I saw a lady at the back of the room who I didn't recognise. As I went to speak to her she explained that she was visiting her sister from Leeds and that as she'd been walking past the place where we were meeting she'd heard us worshipping and felt drawn in to join us. What was even more incredible was that as we spoke, she asked me if I could pray for her for healing. It turned out that she had cancerous tumours - on her brain and down her spine. She'd been prayed for before and had stopped treatment but she wanted to be completely healed! I explained that we hadn't seen cancer healed yet, but that we were going after it, so I prayed.

The headache the lady had come into the building with went as I commanded the cancer to go in Jesus' name. She told me that she's due to have an MRI scan in a few weeks so I gave her my e-mail address and asked her to let me know how it goes. I'm waiting to hear what God has done. One of the things God has promised us as a church is that people will start walking in off the streets to join us as they're drawn by God's presence. What an incredible 'coincidence' that the first lady this applies to also needs healing from cancer! Maybe she'll be our first breakthrough!


kumquat said...

How very exciting. Keep us posted! Was she a believer?

Wendy said...

I think so