Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Lady with the German Shepherd

I went treasure hunting today with some young people from New Frontiers churches in the town. I had three first timers on my team which is always fun - especially when they come accross the treasure God has talked to them about.

We were walking through Bedford Park on our way into town. We had the option at one point of leaving the park and walking along the road or staying on the park path. One of the girlies opted for the park path. Little did we know that God was in the process of orchestrating an encounter - the park path led us to our first treasure!

The same girl who suggested the park path had the clue German Shepherd. As we started to walk past the lake we spotted a lady on the other side of the water walking a German Shepherd dog. As we made our way round the lake hoping that she'd still be there when we reached her, she sat down on a bench to have a rest.

It never ceases to amaze me how open some people are to what God is wanting to do as we meet them on the streets. We explained what we were doing and how we had the German Shepherd clue. As we told the lady we were Christians who were looking for people to encourage and bless it was clear that's exactly what she needed. She began to tell us that she was visitng the UK from Australia because her partner's step-dad was ill in hospital. Her partner was actually at the hospital when we met her and she had come out to walk the Dad's dog as a way of having some time for herself. As we approached her she'd been thinking about everything that had been going on and feeling quite heavy with it. God's timing is perfect!

We spoke with her for quite a while and at one point discovered that she was suffering with some stiffness in her neck. She was really happy for us to pray, so we did; for her neck, for her partner and for her partner's step-dad. God's presence was so tangible as we asked Him to come and love on this precious lady; a treasure He had brought half way round the world to encounter and bless. When we finished praying she said her neck felt lose. God had broken in and she was completely blown away. AMAZING!