Monday, 29 June 2009

Healing at a Chiropractic Clinic!

One of the guys on my treasure hunting team from the youth day had the clue balloon. As we turned into the main road leading down into the town centre (after we'd had our encounter with the German Shepherd lady) we laughed out loud as we saw a whole sea of balloons towards the bottom of the road. The trouble when this happens is deciding which balloon to go for?! We decided to speak to a couple of ladies who were sitting on a wall outside a Chiropractic Clinic - they were surrounded by balloons!

As we approached the women we saw more of our clues on the Chiropractic Clinic's board - telling the public what conditions it treats; tennis elbow, headaches, backs, necks. It seemed we were on to something. I was slightly concerned that God was going to ask us to go into the clinic to offer to pray for those recieving treatment. As it happens our treasure was sitting on the wall outside! (Maybe next time!)

The ladies told us that they were advertising a re-launch of the clinic and that we could go in and have free treatment if we needed it. We managed to get into conversation about what we were doing and it turned out that one of the ladies had a painful neck and shoulders. She'd received treatment at the clinic that morning but was still experiencing discomfort. We offered to pray and she was incredibly open. God's spirit was really tangible as we laid hands on her neck and commanded healing. She said she had a cold feeling go all through her spine and then tingling in her neck. As we encouraged her to move her neck to check how it felt, she was blown away at how easy it felt and how peaceful she was. God had broken in again!

The other really amazing thing was that when I said I was part of the King's Arms Church she asked if I knew someone she'd used to work with called Jennifer. Jennifer is a really good friend of mine! They haven't been in touch for a few years but the lady wondered if this was a sign that thay should reconnect. God clearly isn't done with her yet!

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Andy Topham said...

Cool, great to hear these things