Monday, 8 June 2009

A Discarded Lottery Ticket

I was walking home from a prayer meeting last week and there was a lady walking towards me on her own on the same side of the road as me. My eyes were suddenly drawn to a discarded lottery ticket on the pavement next to me. As I looked ahead again God told me that the lady walking towards me was having financial trouble and that I was to stop her and tell her that He knew. By this point the woman was about 20 feet away from me. I literally had about 5 seconds to respond to God's prompting, it turned out not to be enough. I let her walk past me and I'll never know if what I thought God had said was true or not.

I have a very good friend John who has had similar experiences of God speaking to him 'in the moment' about people and their situations. The other day he was walking home from work when he spotted a lady on her own. God told him to go and tell her that life is not always going to be like this. At that point she sat on a bench and burst into tears. John knew that God had told him he didn't have long to speak to the lady. Unfortunately fear got in the way again and as John was wrestling with himself over whether to speak to her or not, her boyfriend turned up.

I am becomming increasingly frustrated with the fear of man that causes me to be disobedient to God 'in the moment'. Of course there is grace for these times - there's always grace - but I'm getting to the point where my desire to see God glorified is overtaking the need for me to maintain my reputation. At some point soon, someone is going to push through fear to obey God 'in the moment' and there is going to be incredible breakthrough. At somepoint soon someone is going to have to approach someone in a wheelchair and not just pray for them but encourage them to stand up. At some point soon someone is going to have to speak to someone with a guide dog to offer to pray for their eyes to be opened. If this is the kind of breakthrough we want to see someone is going to have to lead the way and trust that God will come through to back them up.

Am I prepared to lay down any reputation I may have to see God made famous in this town? I think I am increasingly getting to that place. How about you?


Jules Burt said...

So funny you mention this. I was just listening to a talk by Tom Shaw on the Fear of Man last night:

Proverbs 29:25 says:
The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.

I looked up the word 'safe' in the Hebrew, it means 'too high for capture' + 'to be set on high/exalted with God'

Gospel is so key. When we know who we are, we'll know how to act.

Keep going lady + keep being immersed in the grace of the gospel! x

kumquat said...

Really encouraging. Thank you.

kumquat said...

just made an offer to all who follow me on twitter for prayer for healing!!! we'll see if anyone responds.

Wendy said...

Thanks for your thoughts ladies. Let me know how it goes on Twitter Joy! Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I read your blog with interest and it is common for me for God to give me words for people I come across in my life. Two things have helped me overcome the fear of man. The first one is listening to a teaching series by Bill Johnson called The Power of a Renewed Mind (see and also taking to heart a prophetic word about boldness given to me by Keith Hazel. Can I encourage you to listen to this teaching and also to take to heart any prophetic words given to you? I have seen miracles after stepping out in situations like you describe in your blog.

Lottery Tickets said...

I've been told by God to do something before, I mean pulled and told to do it.

This past December,I didn't really understand why... But I was called to spend 20 dollars on the ticket and "nothing" came out of it, but I did thank Him regardless.

I have no idea why God wanted me to do it. I just know God wanted that of me, He filled me with hope, excitement and joy--only for nothing to come from it. I never purchased a ticket before that day as well. I haven't purchased a ticket since, as God didn't call me to again. I'm hoping if He does next time it'll amount to something.

Today I wept, feeling as if God is ignoring me. Is it because I let him down somehow...? Its frustrating for me right now, not hearing God, but feeling Him all around me in others lives.