Monday, 29 June 2009

Healing at a Chiropractic Clinic!

One of the guys on my treasure hunting team from the youth day had the clue balloon. As we turned into the main road leading down into the town centre (after we'd had our encounter with the German Shepherd lady) we laughed out loud as we saw a whole sea of balloons towards the bottom of the road. The trouble when this happens is deciding which balloon to go for?! We decided to speak to a couple of ladies who were sitting on a wall outside a Chiropractic Clinic - they were surrounded by balloons!

As we approached the women we saw more of our clues on the Chiropractic Clinic's board - telling the public what conditions it treats; tennis elbow, headaches, backs, necks. It seemed we were on to something. I was slightly concerned that God was going to ask us to go into the clinic to offer to pray for those recieving treatment. As it happens our treasure was sitting on the wall outside! (Maybe next time!)

The ladies told us that they were advertising a re-launch of the clinic and that we could go in and have free treatment if we needed it. We managed to get into conversation about what we were doing and it turned out that one of the ladies had a painful neck and shoulders. She'd received treatment at the clinic that morning but was still experiencing discomfort. We offered to pray and she was incredibly open. God's spirit was really tangible as we laid hands on her neck and commanded healing. She said she had a cold feeling go all through her spine and then tingling in her neck. As we encouraged her to move her neck to check how it felt, she was blown away at how easy it felt and how peaceful she was. God had broken in again!

The other really amazing thing was that when I said I was part of the King's Arms Church she asked if I knew someone she'd used to work with called Jennifer. Jennifer is a really good friend of mine! They haven't been in touch for a few years but the lady wondered if this was a sign that thay should reconnect. God clearly isn't done with her yet!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Lady with the German Shepherd

I went treasure hunting today with some young people from New Frontiers churches in the town. I had three first timers on my team which is always fun - especially when they come accross the treasure God has talked to them about.

We were walking through Bedford Park on our way into town. We had the option at one point of leaving the park and walking along the road or staying on the park path. One of the girlies opted for the park path. Little did we know that God was in the process of orchestrating an encounter - the park path led us to our first treasure!

The same girl who suggested the park path had the clue German Shepherd. As we started to walk past the lake we spotted a lady on the other side of the water walking a German Shepherd dog. As we made our way round the lake hoping that she'd still be there when we reached her, she sat down on a bench to have a rest.

It never ceases to amaze me how open some people are to what God is wanting to do as we meet them on the streets. We explained what we were doing and how we had the German Shepherd clue. As we told the lady we were Christians who were looking for people to encourage and bless it was clear that's exactly what she needed. She began to tell us that she was visitng the UK from Australia because her partner's step-dad was ill in hospital. Her partner was actually at the hospital when we met her and she had come out to walk the Dad's dog as a way of having some time for herself. As we approached her she'd been thinking about everything that had been going on and feeling quite heavy with it. God's timing is perfect!

We spoke with her for quite a while and at one point discovered that she was suffering with some stiffness in her neck. She was really happy for us to pray, so we did; for her neck, for her partner and for her partner's step-dad. God's presence was so tangible as we asked Him to come and love on this precious lady; a treasure He had brought half way round the world to encounter and bless. When we finished praying she said her neck felt lose. God had broken in and she was completely blown away. AMAZING!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Miraculous Recovery from a Stroke!

One of our worship leaders at the King's Arms - Jon Dawe - had an awful scare last week when he was out for a drink with a friend. He was rushed to hospital with a suspected bleed on the brain. He was unable to speak, had intense pain in his head, had distorted vision and couldn't respond to the doctors or his wife. The outlook wasn't at all good and if he did recover it was expected that he would experience lasting damage in his body.

When our lead Elder, Simon and another guy from our church arrived at the hospital they found Jon in quite a state. They began to pray and an urgent prayer request was quickly sent out to the King's Arms family. After a little while Jon's symptoms began to improve. The doctors couldn't explain what was going on but simply encouraged everyone to keep doing what they were doing because it seemed to be working!

Throughout the course of the night Jon continued to improve. By 7am he was completely back to normal. After a full body scan the next day the doctors could find no evidence of what they suspected to be a stroke. They were totally blown away. Apparently it's normal for people who have strokes to have some lasting damage. Jon had been totally healed!

Listen to Jon and Amanda's story here and let it stir your faith in the goodness of God and His ability to break into any situation you may face. Let it also prompt thanksgiving to rise up in your heart. He is absolutely incredible!

Monday, 8 June 2009

A Discarded Lottery Ticket

I was walking home from a prayer meeting last week and there was a lady walking towards me on her own on the same side of the road as me. My eyes were suddenly drawn to a discarded lottery ticket on the pavement next to me. As I looked ahead again God told me that the lady walking towards me was having financial trouble and that I was to stop her and tell her that He knew. By this point the woman was about 20 feet away from me. I literally had about 5 seconds to respond to God's prompting, it turned out not to be enough. I let her walk past me and I'll never know if what I thought God had said was true or not.

I have a very good friend John who has had similar experiences of God speaking to him 'in the moment' about people and their situations. The other day he was walking home from work when he spotted a lady on her own. God told him to go and tell her that life is not always going to be like this. At that point she sat on a bench and burst into tears. John knew that God had told him he didn't have long to speak to the lady. Unfortunately fear got in the way again and as John was wrestling with himself over whether to speak to her or not, her boyfriend turned up.

I am becomming increasingly frustrated with the fear of man that causes me to be disobedient to God 'in the moment'. Of course there is grace for these times - there's always grace - but I'm getting to the point where my desire to see God glorified is overtaking the need for me to maintain my reputation. At some point soon, someone is going to push through fear to obey God 'in the moment' and there is going to be incredible breakthrough. At somepoint soon someone is going to have to approach someone in a wheelchair and not just pray for them but encourage them to stand up. At some point soon someone is going to have to speak to someone with a guide dog to offer to pray for their eyes to be opened. If this is the kind of breakthrough we want to see someone is going to have to lead the way and trust that God will come through to back them up.

Am I prepared to lay down any reputation I may have to see God made famous in this town? I think I am increasingly getting to that place. How about you?