Monday, 25 May 2009

Your Hand is Hot!

I was walking through our church foyer yesterday morning as we were setting up and getting things ready for the service. I happened to walk past a lady called Lorraine putting my hand on her shoulder just to say hi (I am a very tactile person!) She immediately commented on the fact that my hand was really hot and so I joked that it must be the healing!

It turned out that Lorraine was suffering with very bad pain in her lower back and that she had been for just over a week. She grabbed my hand that was on her shoulder and placed it on her lower back where the pain was. After two very brief prayers she tested her back out (I like to encourage people to do a little hip wiggle to check if God has healed them) The pain had completely gone! After a full on morning helping in King's Kids she came back to the main hall and proceeded to touch her toes and demonstrate a more energetic hip wiggle! She was totally healed!

At the end of the service, having briefly shared with the church what God had done with Lorraine, I got to pray for another friend of mine who was suffering with lower back pain. After a few simple commands and more hip wiggling her pain had completely gone too! God is so incredible.

(I heard recently that the NHS spends vasts amounts of money on back conditions in the UK every year. The King's Arms is heading towards becoming a bad back free zone! We'll save the country some money in the process!)

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