Thursday, 7 May 2009


We share stories most weeks at the King's Arms about what God is doing in the church. Who has been healed, who has been set free, who has come to know Him. You can hear some of the interviews here.

The possible draw back with sharing stories every week is that we could get immune to them. We could easily get to a place of not being amazed at God's love and kindness as He breaks in time and time again. We could lose our sense of awe and wonder. That is unless we determine to be incredibly thankful for everything He does! Thankfulness is so key in seeing God break in again. The minute we stop being thankful we're heading into dangerous territory (the grumbling Israelites come to mind!)

The truth is that anytime God breaks in it's an incredible demonstration of His mercy and kindness to us. When we see headaches healed it's amazing; when we see deaf ears open it's amazing; when we see movement improve in backs it's amazing; when we start to see the dead raised that will be amazing too! I used to get caught up in what God wasn't doing and so I missed the joy of being thankful for what He was doing. I've realised that when I choose to be thankful for even the 'littlest' breakthrough it does me loads of good and I expect His kindness to be shown again.

I believe that as Christians we should be the most thankful people around. Whether you're hearing a healing testimony for the first time or for the one hundreth time; whether you're seeing your first back healed or it's your fiftieth. However God is breaking in, get excited about it and never lose a deep, deep sense of gratitude for His incredible kindness. I challenge you to make the words THANK YOU a much bigger part of your vocabulary as you see God's Kingdom break out around you. More than that, let your spirit also respond (in other words make some noise and shout some woop woops! Don't be British about it!) I promise you that it will do you good!

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