Monday, 4 May 2009

The Lady on the Bridge!

I went treasure hunting yesterday; the first time in a long time and to be honest I wasn't hugely up for it. I was tired and would have preferred to spend my afternoon between two busy church services on my own with Jesus. When you're leading something however you don't have the luxury of bailing at the last minute, so I mustered some energy to head out onto the streets and as always God was amazingly faithful!

We were standing on the bridge that goes over the river (the one by Nando's) when we spotted two ladies walking towards us. One was wearing a purple jumper. As we stopped them to explain what we were doing we found out that the other lady had pain in both of her ankles. She explained that it was painful for her to walk and they'd just that second been talking about it right before we stopped them! The lady let us pray for her and about 30 seconds later all the pain had completely gone! They were blown away!

Later on one of the guys with us who was on his debut treasure hunt said that he had pain in his right knee. The pain had been there for 2-3 days. As we prayed for him, sat on a bench by the river, the pain instantly left! He said that he felt it leave the first time I commanded it to go (even though I'd prayed on in order to give God more time to break in! A little lesson to me that it's not always necessary to pray for a long time - after all Jesus often only said one or two words!) All in all it was an amazing afternoon!

(Just as an aside - yesterday was also an amazing day for breakthrough in the church. We had a lady share about how God had given her a brand new vertebra in her neck a week ago and off the back of that testimony we saw God do more really exciting things. Two necks were healed, pain in two backs went and ligaments in shoulders were tightened. His Kingdom really is always advancing!)

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