Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Raise Your Expectations!

Some of you will know that as well as working for the church part-time I also teach two days a week in a local Upper School. I've been teaching in this particular school for the last 6 years and although I now love it, there have been lots of times when I've wanted to be able to quit in order to work for the church full time. What's changed? God has challenged me to raise my expectations!

Part of the vision of the new training school we're starting in September (TSM) is to train people to be naturally supernatural. God spoke to me about my school being the place that He wants to train me to live like this so that I can model it to others. I used to see my two days in school as a bit of a nuisance; as something I had to endure and get through until I got to what I felt was more important - working for the church. Now God has completely changed my perspective. He told me that my expectations of what He wants to do in my school have been way too small. He reminded me that because I carry the Kingdom of God I can expect it to break out wherever I go; that I can expect the very atmosphere of my school to change just because I walk in the room. He reminded me that nothing is impossible for Him; that it is possible for the entire school to come to know Him. So I've been much more intentinal at looking out for opportunities and as it happens, they're actually all around me!

It's important for you know that offering to pray for my colleagues or bringing a sense of what God might be saying does not come easy. I often give into fear in the moment, usually because I'm scared about how people will react and what they will think of me. However I'm really aware of God's grace in these times and I do my best when other opportunities come up to behave differently. Amazingly I have begun to see some breakthrough. I had the opportunity to share at church a couple of weeks ago about 2 colleagues I've seen healed as I've prayed for them. You can listen to the interview here.

My hope as I share my encounters with people at work is that you will feel encouraged to join me on the adventure of bringing God's Kingdom wherever you go. And that when you give in to fear (which you inevitably will at times) that you'd pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go again. Breakthrough is just round the corner!

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