Monday, 2 March 2009

Reflections on Bethel #2

It's almost 3 weeks since I got back from my adventure in Bethel so I thought I'd take some time to share more of the lessons I learnt when I was out there. As an aside, perhaps the most exciting thing for me is that I still feel much more in love with God and I still feel changed. I guess I was wondering if being back in Bedford I might lose some of what God did when I was away. I'm so grateful that has not been the case!

1) Know who you are - It seems at Bethel that one of the main things they teach over and over again as part of their school is 'who we are'. I was on a journey of wanting to grow in my identity in God and get to grips with who He says I am before I went away. Now that I've been and come back I'm even more convinced that knowing who we are in Him is a massive key to us seeing all that we dream about seeing in God. And there's a massive difference between knowing who you are in your head and really knowing it (do you know what I mean?) I could reel off loads of truths about who God says I am because I've learnt stuff from the Bible and I know it in my head; but when I stop to assess how knowing these truths are affecting how I live on a day to day basis the honest answer would have to be not a great deal. I am convinced that if we were to really believe what God says about us in His word; if we were to get revelation of the truths so that they affect the very core of who we are; we would be a mighty force to be reckoned with (which as it happens is what I believe has always been God's intention) Some truths to really get to grips with:

- We are Royalty
- We are children of God
- We are in Christ and He is in us!
- We are seated in Heavenly places
- We are Saints

Wow, wow, wow!

2) Prioritise your relationship with Him - God spoke to me while I was in Bethel about the importance of our relationship. He spoke about how much He loves it when I take time out to be with Him; to chat to Him and let Him chat to me. He talked about the fact that the time I get on my own with Him is more important than anything else I do; more important than any responsibility I have or any calling I'm trying to fulfill. The truth is that if we prioritise spending time with God; spending time just loving Him and letting Him love us, it's then that I think we'll start to see loads more happen by accident than we ever will on purpose. In order to develop a deep and lasting relationship, time has to be invested. Often I say that I have a relationship with God, but if I were to stop and look at how I spend my time it's not really a relationship atall. I want that to change. Spending time with God is the most important and most fulfilling thing we can do and He just loves it. Think back to Mary and Martha. Jesus described what Mary had chosen (to sit with Him and be with Him) as the best option. He's a jealous God. He longs for intimacy with us. What an incredible privilege!

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