Sunday, 15 March 2009

Joining in the Worship of Heaven!

The King's Arms likes to take its leaders away for a weekend once a year so that they can spend a good chunk of time receiving from God and being re-charged. I've just got back from that weekend and I have to tell you about the worship. It was literally out of this world.

One of the things that really struck me about my time at Bethel was the worship. The incredible sense of God's presence among His people; the hunger in people's hearts and the amazing sense of expectation that God was going to do something remarkable. I'd always felt that our worship at the King's Arms was something really special. That it stood out as quite unique from other churches I've visited. But when I came back from Bethel I felt that there was a whole new realm that we weren't yet tapping into.... We tapped into it this weekend!

Saturday evening was, I think, the most incredible time of worship I have ever experienced. It went on and on and on and on and God just kept coming and coming and coming and coming. At different times throughout the worship there was peace and incredible intimacy; there was shouting and marching and warfare; there was dancing and celebration; there was laughing and weeping and lying down and kneeling as Jesus Himself came into the room.

A couple of the musicians commented this morning that they'd been playing chords on their guitars that shouldn't really have worked but that had sounded amazing. They were totally blown away. Other people said that they'd never known God's presence like how they felt it during that time - people who have been Christians for years entered into new realms of God. It really felt like we were joining in the worship of heaven. How did it start? By pouring out our love to the only one who is worthy of it all - Our precious King Jesus.

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