Wednesday, 4 March 2009

God's Kingdom Came!

I never cease to be amazed at what God does during the Holy Spirit day on Youth Alpha. We had our latest one on Saturday and, in short, God's Kingdom came!

We've had two guests on our latest course. Amazing young people who have come week in week out to learn more about the God we worship. And so the Holy Spirit day arrived and there was a whole lot of expectation. A couple of our young people did 2 of the 3 talks on the day. (Just as an aside here; they were really incredible. It was the first time TJ had spoken and I was really impressed - she's a natural. Andy has done talks in the past, but this time showed a marked increase in his maturity in God. I love seeing young people growing in God - what a privilege!) The last talk was down to me.

After we'd finished worshipping I knew that these guys were ready to commit to Jesus. I knew that if I offered salvation at this point, they'd recieve Him. God told me to shorten my talk so that we could get onto more important things quickly. I probably spoke for about 10 minutes and then it was the moment we've all learnt to know and love on the Holy Spirit day. I asked those who wanted to respond to Jesus for the first time to assume the classic 'prayer' position. Our two guests responded as God's Kingdom invaded earth. What followed was an incredible time of God ministering His love to our new found friends. A love like none other they'd experienced before; a love that competely overwhelmed them and blew them away. It was such a privilege to be part of that moment. It confirmed for me just how much God longs to show His kindness to those who don't yet know Him; how He longs for all to come to a place of repentence.

We have Youth Alpha tonight and we're covering the topic 'Does God heal today?' I'm fully expecting God's Kingdom to come again. After all, it is an ever increasing Kingdom!

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