Monday, 2 March 2009

The Flower Pot Man!

We went treasure hunting yesterday. There were 7 of us in total (6 of whom hadn't done it before) so we split into 2 teams and once we'd got our clues we head off to find our treasure.

I had the clue flower stall (the one in the entrance of the Harpur Centre). We went there right at the end of our hunt (God's timing never ceases to amaze me!) When we arrived we found the guy who runs the stall sweeping up before shutting up shop and heading home. He was the only guy there so we decided to go and speak to him.

As soon as we approached him with our maps, he asked us if we were doing the list thing too?!? It turns out that the other team had already spoken to him earlier (what are the chances of that happening when there are only 2 teams out hunting? I guess pretty big when God's orchestrating things!) Someone in the other team had got the clue flower pot and window in the floor. As we kept speaking to this guy he pointed out the window (pane of glass) in the floor right next to his stall and followed it up by saying he wasn't on our list.

We explained that we had different things on our maps to the other group and so he was happy to let us go through our clues. Imagine his amazement when my friend Jennifer had his name written on her piece of paper - Steve! She also had the ailment bad back which Steve has suffered with for years due to a car accident. He takes pills everyday and has been told that he just has to live with it. He let us pray for him when we explained that we regularly see people healed at the King's Arms. I felt heat where my hand was on his back and he described it as feeling wierd when we had finished praying. He said he wouldn't know if anything had happened until the pills started wearing off later that evening.

Perhaps the most precious thing about this encounter was right at the beginning when we'd found out that the other team had already been to speak to him. I was amazed that God had picked him out twice and said to him, 'you know what that means don't you!' His reply was priceless - 'that I'm special?' Jennifer and I were able to give a heartfelt yes to his response. That's exactly why God picked him out twice in the space of one hour yesterday afternoon!

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