Sunday, 22 March 2009

7 Healed on the Streets!

Yesterday we had our second 'Hit the Streets' event in Bedford. Over 100 people from all over the country came to be trained in treasure hunting and to then take what they'd learnt out on to the streets. God was so good!

Throughout the course of the day 7 people got healed on the streets; backs, ankles, necks. Pain instantly went from people's bodies as God's kingdom broke out. One man who described himself as an agnostic said he wasn't sure he could stick with that anymore as the pain in his ankle disappeared after prayer. The lady I prayed with had literally just sat down to rest her back because it was hurting when we approached her with a treasure map with the clue lower back pain on! After two short prayers all the pain had gone and she went on her way. One lady was so overwhelmed that God had picked her out that she gave my friend her address and asked if she'd go round her house to pray for her some more!

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that happened throughout the course of the day was when we got to pray for a lady who'd been doing the training who was partially deaf. As a church we've been longing to see breakthrough in deafness for a few years now. Jesus identifies it in His word as a sign of His Kingdom coming and so we want to see it (along with blind eyes opening, incurable diseases being healed, the lame walking and the dead being raised!) As Simon prayed for this lady and she took her hearing aids out she was able to hear noise around her and Simon speaking from a distance behind her head like she hadn't been able to before! How exciting! Breakthrough is on the way!

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