Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Favour at Pizza Express!

My friends went for a 'prophetic meal' at Pizza Express quite a while ago now. The point of the evening? To hear from God for people in the restaurant. As it happens they got a whole load of stuff for the lady who was serving them.

As the evening drew to a close they started speaking to their waitress about what God had been saying. The lady sat with them for about 40 minutes as my friends spoke God's heart into her life. It was incredibly powerful and accurate and the lady commented on the fact that she knew there was something different about these guys because she had sensed their aura!

Perhaps even more fun was when they went in for another 'prophetic meal' a few months later. The waitress they'd prophesied over previously was the first person they met when they walked in the restaurant and she was quick to tell them that she'd recently been promoted to Manager. As the evening progressed my friends felt that they had some stuff to share with a waiter who wasn't actually serving them. They spoke to their manager friend and she encouraged the waiter to come and sit at their table. Apparently she'd told her colleagues that this table of people might get stuff from God for them!

So my friends prophesied over this guy and then they prophesied over the guy waiting on them. The amazing thing was that instead of experiencing oppositon from the manager because her staff weren't working when they were being prophesied over, she was actively encouraging them to go and sit at my friends' table! God has clearly given us favour at Pizza Express. We must go back soon!

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