Saturday, 21 February 2009

Adventure #4 - Sozo!

So Joy and I had our Sozo sessions last night. For those of you who don't know, Sozo is the Greek word for wholeness - salvation, healing and deliverance. It's the Bethel equivalant to our healing prayer at the King's Arms. We thought while we were out here that it would be a good thing to experience and I'm always up for more freedom so we booked in. In summary; It was amazing, but let me try to bulk the experience out for you.

I have to be honest - I was nervous before the session began. It was the part of the trip that I was most apprehensive about. I'm happy to be open and honest with people about where I'm at but it's important to me that I know these people really love me. When you're praying through stuff with strangers this can't be guaranteed in advance. I had to make a choice to trust my prayer team so that I didn't hold anything back. I'm glad God helped me to do that. When I say prayer team, I really mean prayer team. My nerves weren't helped when I realised that I'd actually have 5 ladies in the room with me - yes, I did say 5! It made me laugh a little on the outside at God's sense of humour while on the inside I was quite keen to run away! (Just to clarify - I had a lady leading the session with a seconder and thirder. Then I had two other ladies who were just sitting in to learn about how to do Sozo! At one point the 5th lady was taken out to another room but it wouldn't have mattered if she'd stayed!)

So what did we do for the 2 hour session? Well, as I've already said it's difficult to put it all into words as it felt like we covered so much ground in that time. I spent quite a big bulk of the time praying through my relationship with God as Papa, God as Jesus and God as the Holy Spirit. The principle behind this praying is that our relationhip with Papa God is affected my our relationship with our earthly Dad; our relationship with Jesus is affected by our relationship with our siblings and our relationship with the Holy Spirit is affected by our relationhip with our Mum. In the past I've prayed through a lot of stuff to do with my Dad and how that has affected how I relate to God as Father, but I'd never really addressed stuff to do with my Mum or brother in this way. Suffice to say, it was incredibly powerful and I genuinely feel like a different person becasue of it. I feel like it's possible for me to relate to Jesus and the Holy Spirit with a new depth that I've not known before. They also feel more real to me now and I'm really excited about learning how to relate to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in new ways from this point onwards.

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