Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Adventure #2 - First day at School

Today has been a really good day! Joy and I spent most of the morning (after eating far too much breakfast - including a rather huge waffle with maple syrup) in Simpson University Cafe. It feels wierd to have so much time on my hands. Usually I have several things on the go at once and I carry a fair amount of responsibility, which in itself isn't a bad thing. But one thing I'm quickly realising while I'm out here is how much identity I get from what I do - from my position in the church - rather than what my heavenly Dad says about me. I really want that to change.

So this afternoon we had our first day at school. We started with about an hour of worship. Worship is clearly important to the leaders at Bethel - I guess that makes a whole lot of sense seeing as worship is what we've all been created for! God's presence as we sang our love songs to Him was just immense. So thick and quick to come. It's the way I want to meet with Him all the time.

I was challenged afresh as Bill Johnson spoke, about the importance of me loving Jesus and worshipping Him simply for the purpose of loving Him and worshipping Him. Let me clarify what I mean. There are times when I spend time with God because I want to receive from Him all that I need to do all that I'm called to do. What I'm realising is that I want to spend time with Him just because I want to spend time with Him. I want to spend time with Him because I'm completely in love with Him and I can't stand being without Him. I'm pretty sure that everything else will flow out of this place; that all I need to do all I'm called to do will flow out of having a love relationship with Him!

Later this afternoon Joy and I spent some time in the Bethel Prayer Room. WOW! We really need to get us one of those when we get our church building. I just soaked in God's presence for about 20 mins and heard Him telling me over and over again that He loves me. I'm believing that if I hear it often enough I'll really get it!

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