Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Adventure #1 - Getting to Redding!

So we arrived in Redding yesterday safe and well. It was pouring down with rain and hasn't stopped since! We feel right at home! The journey over was good. The long haul from Heathrow to San Fransisco was long but fine. I was sat next to a lovely man called Kumar who was coming back from visiting family in Sri Lanka. At one point in the flight he spoke to Joy and I about being single and wondered why we hadn't got married yet. He asked if we did arranged marriages in the UK. What was slightly disconcerting was when he took a photo of me towards the end of the 11 hour flight. I'm hoping that I don't come across it at some point on the internet telling potential husbands to get in touch!

The one hour flight from San Fransisco to Redding was our travelling adventure. They had to downsize the plane due to bad weather and lots of flights being delayed and cancelled. So we travelled to Redding in a 30 seater plane with 2 propellers and 1 steward!! It was a sight to see. Fortunately Joy and I were pretty tired at this point and so we were a bit too delerious to worry. Perhaps the 'funniest' thing was the fact that the two older ladies sat behind us spent a lot of the flight talking to each other about their worst aeroplane experiences! Suffice to say; Joy and I were praying quite a bit as we were in the air!

So now we're here and are having a day to recover until school starts tomorrow. We've spent time with Simon asking about all his experiences. It sounds amazing and we both feel incredibly privileged to be visiting Bethel. I'll keep you posted with more adventures as the week goes on!

(Just an aside for all of you who prayed for me against being fearful of flying - it felt totally different to be on a plane this time round. God is so good!)

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