Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Six Clues Come Together

During our latest treasure hunt we had an encounter with one lady that saw 6 of our clues (across 3 different maps) come together!

I was hunting with two first timers from out of town (one had travelled from London and one as far as Derby - they did an amazing job!) My only location clue was O2 (the mobile phone shop) I was pretty sure we had one in Bedford, although I didn't know where. I asked a fellow Bedfordian and they directed us down the pedestrianised street.

The shop itself was very quiet. There was one customer at the checkout and two shop assistants. The customer had long black leather boots on, but apart from that no other appearance clues matched. We decided to head a bit further down the street to see what else we could find.

We'd gone about 20 metres when we came across an ice cream van. My friend had laughed when he'd got that clue - it was absolutely freezing outside, surely no-one would be selling ice cream in this weather! We also saw some gargoyls on the building nearby and we'd stopped just outside Marks and Spencer - a shop that used green bags. Our clues were coming together.

Just then the lady we'd seen in the O2 shop with the long black leather boots walked past the ice cream van, M & S and the gargoyles, carrying an O2 bag!! God was clearly speaking so we apprached the woman to explain what we were doing. It turned out that she has a son called James who has to have speech therapy because he has trouble speaking. We got to pray for Him that God would break in and heal His speech. We also got to pray for the lady's husband who was currently out of work and looking for a new job. It was an amazing opportunity to show this woman that God knows her and that He's really interested in her life and her family. It was also an amazing experience of six clues coming together!

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Jules Burt said...

Very cool! We have our first treasure hunt in February. Bring it on.