Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Treasure Hunting En Masse!

Saturday saw our first ever 'Hit the Streets' day in Bedford - hosted by the King's Arms Church. 150 people descended on Bedford from literally all over the country to be trained in the 'art' of tresure hunting and then to go out onto the streets (we had people from Manchester, Poole, Hailsham and one guy even came all the way from Latvia!)

Throughout the course of the day I think we saw about 16 people healed on the spot as people found their treasure and prayed for God's Kingdom to break out! 16 people in a single day! When you think that one of our church goals set in January of this year was to see 30 miracles on the street over the next 5 years this figure is just incredible (in total we've probably seen close to 50 miracles on the street since January; absolutely blasting our goal of 30 out of the water! I'm excited to see just how many miracles on the street we will have seen by the end of 2012!)

One lady I approached during the day who was sat on a bench didn't need me to explain what we were doing. As soon as I got near to her with my map to explain what was going on she let us know that she'd already been 'done'. When I asked what had happened she said that the person who'd spoken to her had prayed that God would reveal Himself to her as she had said she was an agnostic. I asked her if she thought that me now speaking to her was God answering that prayer. She giggled and after praying for her again we left her thinking about that possibility!

I'm looking forward to the day when more and more people get stopped for the second or third time as God keeps demonstarting His love and care for them. When the town centre is the place people go in order to get healed and meet with God. That will be a very good day!


Tim Simmonds said...

Very cool!

Do the local press ever pick up on what your doing?

Wendy said...

Not at the moment, although we did have someone from the magazine Christianity come to the day with a view to writing an article!