Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Treasure at the Helter Skelter!

We went out treasure hunting last Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a very nice day, but we thought we'd go for it anyway. We had 5 first timers join us for this hunt which is always very exciting. I love seeing people who've never done treasure hunting before get blown away when the clues God has given them (which they thought they'd just made up) come together.

Our best encounter happened at the Helter Skelter. We got chatting to the guy who was running the ride and told him a bit about what we were doing. As we talked through the names on our maps he pointed to a stall close by and told us that Michael was over there! At first we thought he was just trying to be funny, but then he called to Michael and this guy who was standing a couple of metres away from us turned round.

So we got chatting to Michael. As we went through all the other clues on our maps none of them made sense, so we asked if there was anything going on with him at the moment that we could pray for. At first he said no, but then when I asked if he or anyone in his family was sick, he went on to tell us about his dad who had recently been admitted to hospital with a serious infection. Incredibly his dad's name also turned out to be Michael!

So there and then, next to the Helter Skelter as the rain came down we prayed for Michael's Dad. That God would break into his life and bring healing to his body. We also got to chat to Michael about what he made of us coming to find him in the pouring rain because God wanted to encourage him. I think he was quite blown away by the whole experience.

(We also got to speak to some people at the fruit and veg stall at the Market because of two unusual clues that matched -Pears. One of my friends overheard a stall owner comment on the fact that people always came to pray for his colleagues and why didn't anyone ever have anything for him!! Obviously we're weren't the first treasure hunters to visit the market! I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before God picks this guy out.)

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