Monday, 29 December 2008

A Prophetic Text Message!

I was on the train a few days ago on my way home to visit my family for Christmas. Those of you who follow my blog will know what happened last time I was on the train! I bottled out of an opportunity to pray for a guy for healing from tinitus. This time round I bottled it again, but I still managed to communicate what I felt God was saying to this person through a text message via a friend. Confused? Let me explain...

So I get on the train at Bedford and a lady follows me on who I recognise. She goes to Southside. I ask God if He wants to say anything to her and immediately I hear Him say, 'tell her that today is going to be ok. She's anxious about something.' So straight away I was completely obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and I got up and.....I wish! You'd think that prophesing over a semi-stranger who you know is open to hearing from God would be a whole lot easier than speaking to complete strangers who often have no belief in God. It's not! By the time I'd wrestled with myself and God and 'justified' not going over to her, the train had got ridiculously busy and then she got off at Luton!

Missed opportunity? Not exactly. I text a friend of mine who I thought might have this lady's number and explained what had been going on. I text her what I felt God had been saying and then asked her to pass the message on, which she did. About half an hour further into my journey I received this text back from my friend. It was the lady's response:

'Ha, that's cool. I was on my way to jury service and wasn't looking forward to making the guilty/not guilty decision and I have loads to do so that didn't help. Anyway, turned up at court and the man pleaded guilty so I've been sent home! Whoo! Thanks for that. Have a great Christmas.'

I felt so encouraged.... Maybe next time I'm on the train heading back to Worthing to see my folks I'll actually speak to someone in person!