Saturday, 6 December 2008

How Random Can You Get?

A few weeks ago I was invited to the King's Arms student group to teach on the prophetic. I figured the best way to learn to hear God's voice is to give it a go so I planned for my talk to be very practical. I'm also realising more and more that hearing God's voice is a lot easier than we often think and so to try and prove that point I planned an activity for the evening that was a bit bizarre to say the least.

I asked the students in the lead up to the evening to bring a random object to the group with them. Some of the items brought included a childhood photo, a pink feather boa, a keyring, a candle, a toy crab, a usb stick and a doorbell! The students had done good at being random! (No surprises there then!)

Then at one particular point during the evening, after I'd done a bit of teaching, I asked the students to put their objects in the middle of the floor. We then spent 5 minutes asking God to speak to us through them. We waited to see which object God particulrly drew our attention to and then we asked Him what He wanted to say. I'd done this activity once before with a bowl of fruit - it was amazing how God spoke different stuff to different people though the same object. This evening was no different.

Almost all of the students heard God speak really encouraging stuff through the random objects. It was amazing to share together the diversity of what God had said. Those who didn't have stuff after the 5 minutes had been drawn to particular objects but just hadn't heard anything specifically about them from God up to that point. The amazing thing was that God had drawn their attention to objects He wanted to use to speak directly to them. The rest of us spent time using these objects to prophesy encouragement and insight over these students. It was so fun to work as a team in sharing God's heart.

What I learnt from the evening? Hearing God is easier than you think and is an awful lot of fun!

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