Monday, 29 December 2008

A Prophetic Text Message!

I was on the train a few days ago on my way home to visit my family for Christmas. Those of you who follow my blog will know what happened last time I was on the train! I bottled out of an opportunity to pray for a guy for healing from tinitus. This time round I bottled it again, but I still managed to communicate what I felt God was saying to this person through a text message via a friend. Confused? Let me explain...

So I get on the train at Bedford and a lady follows me on who I recognise. She goes to Southside. I ask God if He wants to say anything to her and immediately I hear Him say, 'tell her that today is going to be ok. She's anxious about something.' So straight away I was completely obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and I got up and.....I wish! You'd think that prophesing over a semi-stranger who you know is open to hearing from God would be a whole lot easier than speaking to complete strangers who often have no belief in God. It's not! By the time I'd wrestled with myself and God and 'justified' not going over to her, the train had got ridiculously busy and then she got off at Luton!

Missed opportunity? Not exactly. I text a friend of mine who I thought might have this lady's number and explained what had been going on. I text her what I felt God had been saying and then asked her to pass the message on, which she did. About half an hour further into my journey I received this text back from my friend. It was the lady's response:

'Ha, that's cool. I was on my way to jury service and wasn't looking forward to making the guilty/not guilty decision and I have loads to do so that didn't help. Anyway, turned up at court and the man pleaded guilty so I've been sent home! Whoo! Thanks for that. Have a great Christmas.'

I felt so encouraged.... Maybe next time I'm on the train heading back to Worthing to see my folks I'll actually speak to someone in person!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Training for Supernatural Ministry!

So, finally IT'S OFFICIAL. We're doing a new thing at the King's Arms starting in September 2009 and it's called 'Training for Supernatural Ministry'. This new course is going to be a project of the FP-Impact Bedford training base. Why am I telling you about it? Because I'm going to be heavily involved in the planning and running of it (along with our church elders). I'm actually going to be stopping leading the youth work at the church around April time. This has been a bitter sweet decision for me. I've led the youth work now for over 8 years. We have some amazing young people in our church and it really is an incredible privilege to serve them. However, God has clearly spoken to me about moving on and this new project is right up my street!

What will it involve?
The training will take place 1.5 days a week based at the King's Arms. Topics covered will include, salvation, healing and deliverance, the Kingdom of God, revival, our identity as sons and daughters, discovering your calling, developing spiritual gifts to name but a few (some of the material will be based on teaching given at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry - Bill Johnson's church in Redding, California)

The course will also involve regular 'out on the street' activities including treasure hunting (opportunities to see God's love demonstrated through healing, salvation and deliverance out of the normal church context). It will also include tutorial sessions where students will have the opportunity to discuss different topics being studied, and sessions where students will be able to work through things that may hold them back in their walk with God.

Who's the course for?
Anyone who's over the age of 18 and is up for taking some risks and having their life changed by God!

This blog is just to whet your appetite. We will have loads more details available on our website and the FP-Impact website in the new year, so keep your eye out for that if you're interested in applying for the course or know of anyone else who should! It's going to be a whole lot of fun!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Treasure at the Helter Skelter!

We went out treasure hunting last Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a very nice day, but we thought we'd go for it anyway. We had 5 first timers join us for this hunt which is always very exciting. I love seeing people who've never done treasure hunting before get blown away when the clues God has given them (which they thought they'd just made up) come together.

Our best encounter happened at the Helter Skelter. We got chatting to the guy who was running the ride and told him a bit about what we were doing. As we talked through the names on our maps he pointed to a stall close by and told us that Michael was over there! At first we thought he was just trying to be funny, but then he called to Michael and this guy who was standing a couple of metres away from us turned round.

So we got chatting to Michael. As we went through all the other clues on our maps none of them made sense, so we asked if there was anything going on with him at the moment that we could pray for. At first he said no, but then when I asked if he or anyone in his family was sick, he went on to tell us about his dad who had recently been admitted to hospital with a serious infection. Incredibly his dad's name also turned out to be Michael!

So there and then, next to the Helter Skelter as the rain came down we prayed for Michael's Dad. That God would break into his life and bring healing to his body. We also got to chat to Michael about what he made of us coming to find him in the pouring rain because God wanted to encourage him. I think he was quite blown away by the whole experience.

(We also got to speak to some people at the fruit and veg stall at the Market because of two unusual clues that matched -Pears. One of my friends overheard a stall owner comment on the fact that people always came to pray for his colleagues and why didn't anyone ever have anything for him!! Obviously we're weren't the first treasure hunters to visit the market! I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before God picks this guy out.)

Saturday, 6 December 2008

How Random Can You Get?

A few weeks ago I was invited to the King's Arms student group to teach on the prophetic. I figured the best way to learn to hear God's voice is to give it a go so I planned for my talk to be very practical. I'm also realising more and more that hearing God's voice is a lot easier than we often think and so to try and prove that point I planned an activity for the evening that was a bit bizarre to say the least.

I asked the students in the lead up to the evening to bring a random object to the group with them. Some of the items brought included a childhood photo, a pink feather boa, a keyring, a candle, a toy crab, a usb stick and a doorbell! The students had done good at being random! (No surprises there then!)

Then at one particular point during the evening, after I'd done a bit of teaching, I asked the students to put their objects in the middle of the floor. We then spent 5 minutes asking God to speak to us through them. We waited to see which object God particulrly drew our attention to and then we asked Him what He wanted to say. I'd done this activity once before with a bowl of fruit - it was amazing how God spoke different stuff to different people though the same object. This evening was no different.

Almost all of the students heard God speak really encouraging stuff through the random objects. It was amazing to share together the diversity of what God had said. Those who didn't have stuff after the 5 minutes had been drawn to particular objects but just hadn't heard anything specifically about them from God up to that point. The amazing thing was that God had drawn their attention to objects He wanted to use to speak directly to them. The rest of us spent time using these objects to prophesy encouragement and insight over these students. It was so fun to work as a team in sharing God's heart.

What I learnt from the evening? Hearing God is easier than you think and is an awful lot of fun!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Treasure Hunting En Masse!

Saturday saw our first ever 'Hit the Streets' day in Bedford - hosted by the King's Arms Church. 150 people descended on Bedford from literally all over the country to be trained in the 'art' of tresure hunting and then to go out onto the streets (we had people from Manchester, Poole, Hailsham and one guy even came all the way from Latvia!)

Throughout the course of the day I think we saw about 16 people healed on the spot as people found their treasure and prayed for God's Kingdom to break out! 16 people in a single day! When you think that one of our church goals set in January of this year was to see 30 miracles on the street over the next 5 years this figure is just incredible (in total we've probably seen close to 50 miracles on the street since January; absolutely blasting our goal of 30 out of the water! I'm excited to see just how many miracles on the street we will have seen by the end of 2012!)

One lady I approached during the day who was sat on a bench didn't need me to explain what we were doing. As soon as I got near to her with my map to explain what was going on she let us know that she'd already been 'done'. When I asked what had happened she said that the person who'd spoken to her had prayed that God would reveal Himself to her as she had said she was an agnostic. I asked her if she thought that me now speaking to her was God answering that prayer. She giggled and after praying for her again we left her thinking about that possibility!

I'm looking forward to the day when more and more people get stopped for the second or third time as God keeps demonstarting His love and care for them. When the town centre is the place people go in order to get healed and meet with God. That will be a very good day!