Monday, 10 November 2008

Someone Sweeping!

I went Treasure Hunting on Sunday afternoon with 9 friends. We spent some time getting filled up with God and listening to Him for clues. Then we split in to 3 groups and head out. It was not good Treasure Hunting weather but we braved it anyway and we were not disappointed!

One of the girls in my team from out of town had the clue cheese counter. I didn't know of a cheese counter in the town, but then others told me of a new one that had just opened in the Harpur Centre. Anything to be indoors out of the rain! That's where we went first.

After a false alarm, tracking a lady wearing red and black checks who wasn't interested in chatting, we head back towards the cheese counter. Two of my team went to speak to the girls in the shop while I waited outside. There was another girl outside the shop who was tidying up ready for the shop to shut. I noticed that she had a broom ready to do some sweeping. Ding, Ding, Ding! One of my clues was someone sweeping. I asked the girl if she was about to use the broom and when she said she was, I went on to explain what I was doing.

She was so open to chatting (I love meeting people like that) As I went through the rest of my clues, it turned out that she had a close friend called Michael and that she had stiffness in her shoulders and slightly blocked sinuses. I had found some precious treasure. When I offered to pray she was happy for me to do so. Putting my hand on her shoulder I simply commanded her shoulders to be healed and her sinuses to be cleared. As I finished praying and asked her what was going on she was surprised to find that her shoulders felt a lot looser. Her response, 'That's really wierd!'

I asked her what she thought about God picking her out by sending me to her. She didn't really know what to say. Hopefully she'll be intrigued enough to come and check us out one Sunday!

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