Wednesday, 19 November 2008

God Speaks!

What an amazing night! My small group went to Alpha last night to sort out the food and then to see if God had anything he wanted to say to people there. God always has stuff to say! I used to get really worked up about hearing from God for people - like there was this pressure on me to tune in and somehow get on the right wave length. Recently I've realised that hearing from God for other people is simply about sharing His heart with them. The more I'm undersanding and experiencing God's heart from me, the better I'm getting at it. There really is no pressure!

So last night we shared God's heart with people and it was just incredible. A couple of my friends prophesied over a guy about singing and song writing - at the time he didn't really respond (never hugely encouraging when you're trying to gague if you're on the right lines!) But at the end of the evening he revealed that he's actually been writing songs for the last 14 years and has never told anyone about it! Wow! God knows, and now this guy knows that God exists and is interested in His life.

There were tears with some of the truths we spoke over people as God came and restored hope and gave encouragement. Our God is passionate about bringing healing to people's hearts and that was so evident last night. Some we spoke to had been carrying pain for such a long time and last night God started them on a journey of receiving their freedom. It was such a privilege to be involved in communicating the heart of our perfect and loving heavenly Father. When God turns up people change. Here's to much more of it!

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