Thursday, 20 November 2008

3) Treasure on Campus: God Pursues Us!

So the last lady we spoke to left knowing that God was on her case. I find it incredible that he never ceases to pursue us, even when we've turned our backs on Him.

Cat went and spoke to her because she was wearing a short blue coat. She was sat on her own in the corner of the cafe area on campus and as we started speaking to her it soon became clear that she was our treasure. We explained what we were doing and went through our clues. When I got to bad knees she seemed a little freaked out (a fairly regular response to treasure hunting!) She has a floating knee cap in one of her knees that causes her pain from time to time.

At this point I would normally offer to pray for the person for healing, but this time conversation was swiftly diverted on to other things. It turns out that this girl used to be a Christian. She'd turned her back on God because of all the tough stuff that had gone in her life - not being able to reconcile God being good and there being so much suffering in the world. She then went on to tell us that she had actually been thinking about God over the past couple of weeks and that she'd even caught herself singing a Christian song recently, quite out of the blue! God was pursuing her!

When Cat felt led to share a clue from Matt's map about a relationship breakdown with parents, especially with Dad, the girl got up to leave as it all got a bit too much. God had clearly just put His finger on another area of pain to show the girl that this really was Him and that He really did care. Before she left I got to talk to her about the fact that her Heavenly Father was pursuing her. That He loves her and that although she might have given up on Him, He will never give up on her. We gave her a card about the church, which she'd heard lots about from a girl on the same course as her who happens to go the King's Arms and we're hoping that she'll come along at some point to check us out.

The amazing thing about this encounter is that God isn't only pursuing this lady. He's pursuing all of us all the time. Try and get your head round that!

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