Thursday, 20 November 2008

2) Treasure on Campus: The Lady in the Laundry Room!

So one of the girls on my team had the clue laundry area. She felt that we should look for treasure on the grass outside the laundry room, but when we got there no-one was around. There was however one lady actually in the room doing her washing. It turns out that this lady also had curly brown hair so we decided to venture in to see if she was our treasure.

As we explained what we were doing and went through the other clues on our maps, it was clear that God had picked this lady out. She'd had an accident a while ago that had injured her right knee; she'd also broken her collar bone in the past causing her problems in her shoulder; and recently she's been having random pains in her stomach; the doctors are at a loss as to what the problem is. She matched 3 out of 4 of the ailments on my map!

We offered to pray that God would break in and specifically deal with the pain in her stomach (she said that her knee and shoulder didn't really trouble her anymore) and she agreed. It turns out that she'd actually been raised as a Muslim, but she wasn't practising her faith. So Cat and I prayed that Jesus would break in and heal her. She couldn't tell if she'd been healed straight away as the pain hadn't been there at the time, but we asked her to contact us at the church to let us know how she gets on. Who says doing laundry has to be boring!

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