Thursday, 20 November 2008

1) Treasure on Campus: Clues are not always what they seem!

It turns out that the University Campus is a great place to find treasure. Students are generally very open - that's certainly what we discovered this afternoon. Three treasure hunting newbies hit the streets with four of us who'd done it before. When we did feedback after an hour and a half of hunting we'd had about 12 encounters between us! I'll share some of the encounters in my next few blogs...

The whole point of a treasure hunt is to search out treasure. Sometimes the clues God gives us aren't what they seem at first; they require some creativity in deciding where to look. That was definitely the case with the tennis clue. When you get the clue tennis what do you immediately think of? Someone playing tennis? Someone carrying a tennis racket? A tennis court? Or even someone with something to do with tennis on an item of clothing? The trouble today was that there wasn't a tennis court on the campus, there was no-one around carrying a tennis racket; in fact there was nothing to be seen that had any obvious links to tennis atall. Where else could this treasure be?

The girls ended up in the library at one point and as they were walking round had the sudden realisation that in the sports section there may actually be books about tennis. Excited by this new lead, they head to the sports section where they found a plaque with the word tennis written on it. Even more incredible was that there was one lady in the same aisle; one of the librarians stacking the shelves (I love it when God makes it that clear - when there's only one person at your location!)

So the girls spoke to the librarian and found out that she'd actually been having trouble sleeping over the past couple of nights. My friends were able to pray for this lady that God would intervene and bless her sleep. What did we learn from this encounter? That treasure hunting really is about a hunt; clues are not always found in the most obvious places. In other words - if you don't find your treasure straight away, don't give up on the search. You never know what could be just round the corner!

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