Monday, 6 October 2008

We Found David!

We were planning to go treasure hunting in the City centre with some of the Dublin church plant peeps but when we loaded up the 3 cars we were 2 spaces short. Anna and I offered to stay at the house.

I had been sobbing during the worship time as God gave me a glimpse of His heart for the lost and so I was keen to do some processing. Anna and I spent some extended time in God's presence and then decided that we'd head out to Pheonix Park (a park near the Vincent's house that is absolutely huge) for a walk - maybe we'd find some treasure on the way.

We took our treasure maps with us and had a great time walking and generally catching up. While in the park we saw a guy cleaning the lamposts that lined both sides of the road (they looked like the lamposts in Narnia - which we later found out Phil had as a clue on his map!) We talked about chatting to this guy and decided we would on our way back to the house. In the meantime we spoke to 3 or 4 people who matched some of our clues but no-one wanted prayer and nothing came out of these encounters.

As we made our way back to the Vincents, Anna spoke about God giving her the name David before she'd got to Dublin. She'd had it on her map everyday but hadn't found him yet. 'God, give me David.' she said as we laughed together. We contemplated going up to the lantern guy and asking him outright, 'Is your name David.' and we talked about how amazing it would be if it was. Guess what?! His name was David and we had an amazing encounter with him...

We approached him and explained what we were doing (we were gutted because we chickened out of starting with his name!) We then found out that he was the David we'd been looking for. He had a bad neck and back which we got to pray for; after prayer the pain had gone! We got to give him the gospel and explain to him that Jesus was seeking him out. He asked us how knowing Jesus had changed our lives and he talked about how maybe Jesus was what was missing from his! It was an incredible time and was the nearest I've been to seeing someone give their life to Jesus on the streets. We prayed for David a second time, asking Jesus to reveal Himself to him so that he'd know what we spoke about is real and then we walked back to the house.

Obviously Anna and I were not meant to go into the City centre with the others - David needed to be found!

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