Thursday, 16 October 2008

Surf's Up!

So we had 'surf's up' in the offices this morning. For the uninitiated among you this is when the Holy Spirit comes on a particular person and they then shout 'Surf's Up' to the rest of the office staff who all come running to get more of God! It's so much fun! We hadn't had it for quite a while so it was nice to put work on hold once again in order to know more of Him. This is how I think we'll get more done by accident than on purpose.

How did it all come about? Well, Simon was spending time with Jesus and God came (funny that!) As he walked past my office I happened to comment that I noticed surf was up (it's difficult not to notice when the wall dividing your offices is paper thin!) and should I call the other staff, to which he replied, 'yes.' So all 6 of us eagerly ran to an empty office where we got completely blasted by God. We were laughing and then being delivered. I got greater freedom from the fear of man, self-reliance and rejection as God met with me. It all kicked off!

One of our staff who is currently suffering with a very bad back had to be lowered to the floor as God met with her in such a powerful way leaving her leaning backwards against a desk at a very precarious angle. I think perhaps my favourite bit of the surf was when one of the desks in the room collapsed sprawling all that was on it (including a computer) across the floor. We just carried on asking for 'more Lord!' Surf time is completely unpredictable. I highly recommend it!

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Stephen said...

Flipping awesome surfing with you today. More Lord!