Monday, 13 October 2008

Seeing Double (Ctd)

Just as we were about to finish treasure hunting for the afternoon we saw another set of twins. I was really tired and so probably wouldn't have stopped if the twins hadn't been located just a few metres away from an ice cream van and if they hadn't had a child's scooter on the floor next to them.

The twins were very cute - just 4 months old and all wrapped up in their double buggy. Dad was looking after them while Mum and other son (Joshua) were getting ice cream. We stopped and spoke to Dad who was very open and readily offered conversation (a good sign!). It turns that he was also a twin! As we explained what we were doing and showed him our treasure maps he told us that his oldest son had problems with his ears and specifically his left ear. When Mum and son returned, Mum explained that Joshua's left ear regularly bleeds due to problems he was having. Joshua didn't want us to pray for him so I prayed for his Mum instead on his behalf, asking God to break in and heal Joshua's ears and stop the bleeding.

This was an incredible encounter where 4 clues came together to take us to one family right at the end of our treasure hunt. (Note to self - often treasure can be found right up to the last minute of hunting and even after you've 'officially' finished!)

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