Sunday, 26 October 2008

Red Jumper!

I just found one of my old treasure maps from Dublin in the pocket of my jeans. It reminded me of another treasure hunting story; when we found the girl with the red jumper.

To be honest, we'd had a really frustrating day of treasure hunting. No-one we spoke to was interested; our treasure seemed to be very well hidden! We were all gathering together to finish up for the day when I spotted a girl with two of her friends wearing a bright red hoodie. Phil and I decided to make one last attempt at finding some treasure so we approached the girl to explain what we were doing.

As I went through the other clues on my map it turned out that one of the other girls was waiting for a friend called Stephanie and that the girl in the red jumper had an Uncle called Derek and a cousin called Daniel (Derek's son!) We realised we were on to something! The girl in the red jumper also had problems with her right knee ligaments due to a riding accident. Her knee wasn't hurting at that precise moment but she did jokingly ask whether we had bad back written down as hers was causing her some pain. At that point, Phil produced his map with bad back clearly written on it. The girl was blown away!

We got to pray for the girl that God would heal her back. Although nothing changed straight away, when we'd finished praying the girl said that she felt a bit 'wierd'. God's spirit was really tangible. I would have loved to chat to this girl more about what she believed about Jesus, but it was time for us to head back to the bus. Another excellent example of how God can break in even up to the very last minute of hunting.

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