Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Number 73!

I love seeing people treasure hunt for the first time. I particularly love their complete and utter amazement when they find the 'random' clues that God gave them. It's so much fun.

Yesterday I was involved in training 150 people in the 'art' of treasure hunting. People were so up for it and we had some incredible encounters throughout the course of the day including seeing about 5 people healed (See some of the testimonies on Simon Holley's Blog)

I took 3 friends out in the morning and we had a great time seeing God work things out to lead us to our treasure. One clue however, the number 73, was not so easy to find. We thought it might be the number of a shop but as we walked up and down the town, shop 73 was nowhere to be seen.

As we came towards the end of our time on the streets, one of our team spotted a shop with numbers in the window and on an advertising board. Among the numbers were six 73's! The elusive 73 had been found - this is where we were supposed to be! We wondered if we should speak to the shop owner, but he was busy with customers and even when we prayed that God would empty the shop more customers came.

A guy with a cane then walked past the shop and and we began to wonder if it wasn't the shopkeeper we needed to speak to, but someone outside the shop. Just as we were discussing this, the guy with the cane walked back past the shop right in front of us. God was clearly speaking so two people from the team went to speak to him and his wife.

It turned out that the couple had been to the Open Door Church in Kettering two years ago (this is the church that had organised the 'Hit the Streets' event) My friends got to pray for the guys bad back and although it wasn't healed on the spot the couple left knowing that God was interested in them. Significant treasure found after a truely thorough hunt!!

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