Sunday, 19 October 2008

Green Coat and Boots (The Shop!)

In the afternoon (of 'Hit the Streets' in Kettering) I went out with another team. One team member had Boots (the shop) on their map. As we approached the shop I spotted a lady wearing a green coat heading towards us. She was walking with a friend who was wearing a green jumper. 2x green tops...this must be the treasure!

We approached the young women and explained what we were doing. None of our other clues made any sense to them, but when we asked if there was anything atall we could pray for, one of the girls said that we could pray for 'her whole life' if we wanted. (Not much then!) She went on to explain that she'd just been chatting to her friend about how hard her life is at the moment and about some of the different struggles she's having. That's when we'd interrupted them (or rather God interrupted!) Both girls agreed that this girl must be our treasure (I love it when that happens; when the people you speak to recognise that God has picked them out!)

We got to pray for these girls; that God would bless them and draw near to them and help them with their lives. You could really sense God's presence as we asked Him to love on His daughters. Fortunately sorting out 'whole lives' is what our God specialises in!

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