Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Elephant, Yellow and Right Ankle.

You might think that getting the clue elephant is a little bit bizarre and you'd be right! As it turned out my team was going to a massive park not far from the Vincents house that actually has a zoo in it!!! No points for guessing where we were headed!

When we got to the members entrance of the zoo (Chris has a special ticket we were able to get in free on) we were met by a guy dressed in an elephant costume! God is so funny! After we'd composed ourselves from laughing hysterically at what we'd found, we spoke to the guy but none of our clues seemed to make sense (it was a slightly bizarre experience speaking to someone you couldn't see and who could hardly see you - definitely a first) So, we decided to make our way to the elephant enclosure.

When we got to the narow path that overlooked the elephants we saw two ladies who both had bright yellow jackets on. We decided to go after one of them who was just leaving, but when we caught up with her none of the other clues seemed to make sense.

When we got back to the elephants the other lady was still there so we approached her to tell her what we were doing. As we talked through our list of clues she told us that she had a bad right ankle. She'd broken it in April and it had never fully recovered. She still gets pain and it was uncomfortable as we were speaking. We offered to pray for her which she was up for and so we asked God to come and heal her ankle. The presence of God came in such an intimate way and when we'd finished praying the lady's ankle felt comfortable.

We spent a bit more time chatting to the lady who was very obviously moved by the whole experience. She had encountered God and it had done something in her heart. We found out later that the lady's husband, who was somewhere else in the zoo, had called his wife earlier and encouraged her to come and look at the elephants. The way God orchestrates these encounters is incredible!

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