Friday, 19 September 2008

Treasure Hunt Part 2: Does the name Maggie mean anything to you?

So, after we'd left the lady with the red coat and the black boots we spent about half an hour looking for more clues to no avail. We decided to sit for a bit to see if our clues would come to us. As we were looking around I noticed a couple of girls over near Costa and I felt drawn to them. Nothing on our treasure maps under 'appearance' would lead us to them but for some reason I just felt like we should go and see if any of our other clues made sense - so we went.

We explained to the girls what we were doing and asked if we could check to see if any of our clues made sense to them. They were ok with this, if a little wierded out! So we started by going through the names we had and when I got to Maggie the girl standing up put her hand over her mouth and stood there in complete shock. As I'm a particularly astute person I realised that this name might mean something to her!! It turned out that this girl's sister (same Dad, different Mum) had lost her Mum suddenly about 2 weeks ago. She was blown away that God would give her name to me and then lead us to speak to them.

This clue opened up a whole host of really significant conversations with this girl, her friend sitting on the bench, another friend of hers who came along a bit later and this friends son. The third girl to come along actually had some problems with her hands so we got to pray for her for healing. We talked about Alpha and they asked us where we go to church. We got to give them information about the King's Arms and encourage them to check out our website. It was an incredible time of speaking truth about Jesus and His heart towards these women.

The key thing that was confirmed to me through this encounter was the importance of words of knowledge (clues) to open people up. When we first approached the girls to explain what we were doing they seemed happy enough to chat but the expression on their faces told us that they thought we were both a little bit bizarre. As soon as we mentioned Maggie everything changed - suddenly it had all become personal and their hearts opened up. When we left them after chatting for about 20 minutes we hugged them goodbye like close friends. God is so good!

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