Friday, 19 September 2008

Treasure Hunt Part 1: Red Coat and Black Boots!

I went on a treasure hunt yesterday with a good friend of mine. It was her first time so we were both very excited. I'm going to write about our encounters in 2 seperate blogs:

As we were on our way to our first location we saw a woman walking with her daughter, wearing a red coat and black boots (2 clues on my map) She was over the other side of a building site area that you weren't allowed to walk though, so we clocked that she'd gone into Woolworths and made our way round the restricted area to find her.

She hadn't gone very far. Her and her daughter were looking at DVD's, we saw her as soon as we walked into the store. So we went up to her and explained what we were doing; that she was on our map and could we check to see if any of our other clues made any sense. She started to explain to us that her black boots weren't actually boots, but shoes that looked like boots, but this didn't put her off and she was happy for us to go though our clues anyway!

So we started by telling her the names we had written down, about 5 in all. She told us that she knew people with each of the names we mentioned - result! Then we asked if she had anything wrong with her knuckles or hands. At that point she lifted her left hand (which was out of sight up till now) to reveal a large plastic cast supporting her wrist. It turned out that she suffers a lot with arthritis and that she'd had to have an operation on her wrist that fused the joint together. She had limited use of her hand and had no movement in her wrist.

We asked if we could pray for her - she agreed saying that she had quite a few friends also praying for her who went to churches in Luton. So there and then in the DVD aisle of Woolworths we prayed that God would heal this lady's wrist with her daughter looking on. When we had finished praying we asked if she could test if anything had happened, so she took her cast off and started clenching her fingers. She said the pain had dulled, but there was still no movement in her wrist.

She asked us what church we went to and so we were able to give her one of our cards. She told us she was a Catholic but she wasn't attending a church in Bedford. We're hoping and praying that she comes to visit us sometime; that she will meet with God and that God will heal her wrist over time. She went on to buy her DVD and me and my friend went on to look for more clues.

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