Saturday, 13 September 2008

Something to whet your appetite!

I went out with some friends about a month ago for a 'prophetic meal' - where you do a treasure hunt while eating food in a restaurant or pub. As we prayed before heading to the pub I got the clue drives a digger. This isn't your average clue and so I put it under the 'unusual' heading on my map thinking that I might bump into someone who did that for a job and was relaxing in the pub after a hard days work??

So we went to the pub and ordered our food and sat down to scan the area for our clues. This particular pub has windows all the way across the front that look out onto the street. I had sat with my back to these windows. Just before our food arrived the guy sitting opposite me pointed to the windows and said, 'I think that might be your digger driver Wendy.' As I looked behind me I saw that 4 workmen had just arrived to do work on the paving outside the pub and that one of them had literally just driven up in a digger!! You can't get much clearer than that! I wasn't going to meet a guy relaxing in the pub after a hard days work driving a digger; I was going to meet a guy who was actually driving a digger! God has an incredible sense of humour!

So my immediate response after I'd laughed at how funny God is was one of sheer terror. I was going to have to go and chat to these 4 workmen. God had spoken and I needed to respond! And I did respond, after about 5 minutes of plucking up the courage. Nothing else on my map made any sense to them and they didn't want prayer for anything so I just had a quick chat with them and then returned to the pub to eat my dinner.

What did I learn? That I am able to walk through some extreme fear, that even the most random clues can be found and that often God is more interested in obedience rather than results.

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